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Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium- April 20-21 2017

Members of the SENSE Enterprise were invited to attend the conference and gave a couple demos of our Water Rescue Device. Members were interviewed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the article can be found here!

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We would like to thank the United State Coast Guard station Portage for giving us a tour of their facility and taking us for a ride on a 47 MLB. We really appreciated their thoughts of our Near Shore Water Rescue Device.


Thanks to Robert Winokur for speaking at Michigan Tech on 10/6/16.  His talk, entitled The Ocean, The Navy, and Challenging Career & Technical Opportunities – A Discussion provided an excellent opportunity for those interested in future careers within a civilian military setting.

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Thanks to Jamie Racklyeft for speaking at Michigan Tech on 10/4/16.  Mr. Racklyeft was involved in a near-drowning experience in Lake Michigan in 2012.  His talk was moving, inspirational, and informative.  SENSE Enterprise students attended Mr. Racklyeft’s talk to further identify customer needs for the near shore water rescue device which is currently being developed at Michigan Tech.

Mr. Racklyeft is a leader of the Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium whose goal is to end drowning in the Great Lakes.

If you would like to know more about Mr. Racklyeft’s story, visit: https://ripcurrentstories.com/2013/05/12/my-country-song-year/